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Zodiac Killer Cypher

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Between the 408 Letter Ending Solve and the MNI Letter Solve leads towards the story of 4 Pi has some credibility .

Robert Salem was a business man that had a fascination with Gurus .

Robert Salem's murder in April of 1970 appears to be the Zodiac .

Satan Saves was written on the wall would be a mockery of Jesus Saves.

Zodiac written on wall would be signature .

The Ankh drawn on wall would be reference to Ayin-Nun-Kaf-Hey.

The Ankh is a symbol of division . Held in the hand of Leaders in Ancient Egypt .

The Loop represents the Ayin which is an Eye ,

The Pole connected to loop represents the Nun which represents Serpent and Duality as the pole divides the left from the right ,

The horizontal pole ; Kaf represents Cover Up
and the Hey represents To Reveal , which is the Duality of the Zodiac's Cyphers and Symbols .

Satan is a Hebrew name and authentic Satanists would use Hebrew Symbolism such as Hebrew Letter Symbolic Meanings .

408 Letter mystery solved;

E-B-E-O-R-I-E-T-E-M-E-T-H-H-P-I-T-I =
Head Household Leader- Watches- People- Making- A Group - A Organization - A Covenant- Suggesting- Spiritual Talk Makes- A City -Work  

(Here is the key)  


( and what may this be referencing ?)   In "November, a new Oracle called the San Francisco Oracle of the Spiritual Revolution was launched, publishing 7 issues between November 1968 and November 1969."
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