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The Zodiac Case Solution – TWELVE MORE VICTIMS
    (A "Little List," if you will)

1.  There is a reason why Bletchley Park employed majors in the Humanities: literature and poetry, in addition to mathematics, and a reason why Bletchley successfully solved WWII ciphers and codes.

2.  Despite a case being decades cold, don't be certain a citizen has not already offered the solution, sitting overlooked inside one of the FBI or other L.E. networks. To be sure, much of the bravado re: "bad" suspects on discussion forums is less about zodiac-case-facts . com and more about hedge-our-bets-until-the-authorities-tell-us-otherwise . com. (Oh, do let us know when that direct-to-FBI deep blue modem starts buzzing.)

3.  Beware those bearing "facts" but no proofs who state that your solution is invalid because you didn't come to the case with a mind tabula rasa (as defined by their clique). If you first learned about the topic by reading a particular book, seeing a particular movie, or visiting a particular Web site, etc. that the dissenting "fact" purveyors dislike, then according to them, all your ensuing premises and conclusions must be prima facie invalid.

4.  Attention cipher & crime solvers! Per the many frustrated and grousing posters in amateur Zodiac research land: if you arrive at The Solution, you mustn't claim it as such. . . . Like them, you are to swear allegiance to uncertainty and ignorance (making these posters feel they're in good company), then come on hands and knees beneath their Web thrones of pontification so that in the unlikely event that you're onto something, they can deign to pass judgment and misappropriate choice ideas for them-sorry-selves!

5.  The sociological phenomenon of groupthink applies more than ever in this age of partisan online social networks. Just because you're a member of a research group or crowd-sourcing message board doesn't mean, ipso facto, that the Answer (if and when it arrives) must naturally arise from YOUR group or even will be recognized as the Answer by any of YOUR members.

6.  The Zodiac Case new Catch-22: You won't receive much attention for your solution unless you have a book deal and seek media interest; but ... if the amateur research community anticipates that you seek publication, are receiving press coverage, or simply wish to copyright your hard work and findings, then a noisy portion of trolls is likely to publicly attack, ridicule, and disparage you as intellectually dishonest – when you do have legitimate answers to show. (Note: All this, most of these nattering nay-sayers will accomplish while concealing their identities under pseudonyms on alleged "facts" sites built upon ill-gotten and undeserved Internet search engine rankings.)

7.  Argument by attrition may be one approach to asserting evidence, but is not an excuse to falsely accuse and defame innocent people—LIVING people and their descendents. Furthermore, argument by "See-They-Haven't-Sued-Me-So-I-Must-Be-On-To-Something" just isn't a rational argument at all. The ad hominem fallacy – avoid its use; expose the self-proclaimed "experts" when they use it.

8.  If the UNSUB gives little evidence of being a super-villain (which is a safe bet) be prepared for all manner of amateurs to demonstrate their cleverness by divining clues from aerial maps, mathemagical date & gematric alpha-numeric gymnastics, comic book plots, and butterfly wing spots.

"When you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras."
(Unless, of course, you are on the Serengeti.)

Additional advice to forensic amateurs who weigh the possibility of guilt and eliminate suspects based upon:

 (a)  Exclusionary profiling—pedophile vs. serial killer of adults;

 (b)  Alleged absence of a deathbed confession (though three "officially" unsolved ciphers exist!);

 (c)  Eyewitness testimony – especially from well-meaning but possibly misled minors re: the finer details of body & facial features – especially through a second floor window, at a downward angle, from a distance of ~60 ft. across a street, at night, with or without climate precipitation, under poor lighting conditions;

 (d)  Faith in the provenance & quality of conventional (standard, traditional, etc.) "evidence" from a confounding multi-decades-old cold case, notorious around the world, second, arguably, only to Jack the Ripper. Hello! Can you say approximation of a "perfect storm breakdown" in evidentiary protocol: a critical inconsistency in the very existence of, uncorrupted gathering of, processing of, and isolation of – PROOF!

DON'T quit your day jobs!

9.  Beware those who have euphemisms for TOO MANY COINCIDENCES! (Zynchronicity – Oh, please.) These are the same detective geniuses fooled by a wig and a phony beard. Imagine that! – a psychopath of above average intelligence employing a disguise of fake hair!

10.  Be vigilant against pedantic hypocrites (some even touting advanced degrees) claiming to instruct you on "Confirmation Bias," "POI Blindness," "Semmelweis Reflex," "Cipher Gurus,"** "Moral Compasses," "Ladders of Inference," and all the while breaking every rung they clumsily attempt to scale – until it's abundantly clear that they remain directionless, blathering in the muck of mass suggestion/hypnosis with little to show but a nasty self-inflicted bump upon their heads.

11.  Caution: Some people will forever bandy the acronym, “DNA” about as if it were incontestable, a priori, even Divine Truth. Sure, when properly applied and interpreted, DNA analysis is a great forensic tool – just like computers; and just like computers: GARBAGE IN = GARBAGE OUT.

12.  Consider yourself forewarned: If you have uncovered clues and reached solutions that help to unravel the mystery behind a cold case, turn your work in to the Federal Bureau, police and sheriffs' departments but don't expect to hear anything back . . . ever.

Thank you very much.

— Robert Peter Ackerman
Pleased to be a contributor to


We must fall back upon the old axiom that when all other contingencies fail, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

— Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

[Sherlock Holmes in “The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans” from His Last Bow, 1917]

** How to Hatch The Amazing Live Cipher-Monkeys®
. . . Or, the surest way to confound cipher "gurus" without adding water!

1  Drop approx. 22.4% of letter-symbol relations from your solution.

2  Feed letters to symbols rather than symbols to letters to ensure optimal concentration of your instant pets.

3  Ignore linguistically immutable grammatical, logically cohesive and recursive properties manifested in the English language. (Disclaimer: Creative license applies when depicting Cipher-Monkeys® as anthropomorphized intelligent kings & queens on package.) Be patient; soon your new pets will be swimming in perpetual fluidity. "Who you callin' one-trick shrimp?"

  IT'S THAT EASY! WATCH THEM HATCH ALIVE! Enjoy. Check back every forty-five years* to see how your Cipher-Monkeys® multiply!

  EXPOSING THEM TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT will overheat their mini-world and FEEDING THEM TOO MUCH EVIDENCE on a suspect they have prematurely dismissed will cause your Cipher-Monkeys® to become self-conscious and to suffocate.

WARNING: Adults should supervise small children when growing Cipher-Monkeys®. DO NOT DRINK FROM THE BOWL.

*ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED TO LIVE 2 YEARS while making unsubstantiated "debunking" claims that last for much less! You should always have the large scoop and aerator at the ready.

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In advance of any reactions (anywhere) to my leading post, I'm setting up this post #2 to offer rejoinders to responses only if they seem


my effort and time.

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