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I don't know where to put this but I really think RICHARD HOFFMAN needs to be looked at as a suspect in this case.

Here is a  letter written by officer Richard Hoffman in 1969 after the murder of Darlene (he was the first officer to arrive on the scene, and had supposedly patrolled the area 15 mins prior to the murders but claimed no one had been there:

Here is a letter written by zodiac in 1970:
Note the same spelling mistake on the word "until"

The victim (Darlene's)'s boyfriend Mike Mageau in the car was shot, survived, and said he thought the shooter had been a police man because he (shooter) had shone a flash light in their eyes.  Darlene had commented on a car that pulled up next to them earlier, stating that the man's name was "Richard"

Richard hoffman was also said to be at a painting party of Darlene's in the weeks prior to her murder, someone she was afraid of. Of course, Richard has denied attenting the party or knowing Darlene.

A phone call from someone claiming to be the Zodiac took place in a phone booth just outside of the Vallejo police department on the evening of Darlene's murder.

In 1970, after the murder of Cheri Jo Bates, a poem was found on the underside of a library desk initialed rh: Image 
Could rh = Richard Hoffman?


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In my research I have reached some very chilling conclusions reaching richard Hoffman...

First, Mike Mageau in the "this is zodiac speaking" documentary claims that Darlene told him that they were being "chased all over town" when he asked Darlene told him "he was just jealous" and that his name was "Richard".

Mike initially thought it was the police, he even prepared to get his identification out, I think Mike was right, it was the police, it was officer Hofmann.

Next, officer Hofmann was in the area before the murder, he was the first on the scene, sheltered the scene before other officers arrived, apparently moving Mike's wallet, and some other alterations were made, then, and this is the creepiest part, he rides in the ambulance with Darlene in case she "says anything", if you track officer Hofmann's movements he was patrolling that EXACT area just before the shooting, he also would have been able to have made the confession call before returning to investigate the scene as a cop.

Officer Hofmann was claimed to be at Darlene's "painting party"

You really want to see something creepy? Type in "aged zodiac sketch" to google (this sketch was professionally done for a TV documentary) then compare it to a google search of officer richard Hofmann, it looks very similar, specially when compared to a picture of Hofmann from "the zodiac speaks documentary"

I have other evidence as well...

Officer Richard Hofmann is my prime suspect at this time...


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I apologize, in my excitement I had ignored that you mentioned a good deal of the same evidence that I went over, mea culpa, however, it actually looks better that other people are reaching the same conclusions.

Have you seen the aged zodiac sketch next to a picture of officer Hoffman from "this is the zodiac speaking" documentary?

If I knew how to post pictures on this site I would show you.

However,I'm not a real zodiac researcher, I just saw the fincher film and a few documentaries online. All for the first time last week.

This has always been too creepy of a topic for me, but I do love a good mystery.

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Another strange coincidence, in the first ciphers sent to the news papers the crossed circle, the "zodiac symbol" represented the letter "d", and assuming that the zodiac is an egotistical person I'm guessing his symbol would have been chosen to represent the first letter of his name "d" for "dick hoffman" fellow officers on the force would call him "dick" not "richard".

Could just be coincidence...

How can I post photos?

You have to see the aged zodiac sketch next to a picture of Hoffman from "this is the zodiac speaking" documentary
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