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Dear Forum,

Your man double dipped. Not only did he start at the SF Chronicle of Sept. 16, 1968: one day before his birthday, as I have arrived to the world but he also worked under STAN LEE in the Magazine CRACKED.
IT was before MAD magazine.  I have the first 12 copies I got off of e-bay.  Graysmith is in almost all of them. Remember penniciliers have their own style.  If you compare the CRACKED magazine of graysmith's cartooning and compare to the 1990 CHRISTMAS CARD you will see the exact match of the nose, glasses, mustache and eyebrows among other things.  Remember if you look at the Katana Yearbook in the prior post.  Look at Graysmith's eyebrows. LOOK at the Nose and compare to pictures in CRACKED

ONE OTHER THING> WHEN YOU OPEN THE 1990 CARD AND TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN YOU WILL FIND SOMETHING INTERESTING. YOU WILL FIND SEVEN< SEVENS. 7 times 7 is 49. 49 nine victims. Also it is the old number to the SF CHRONICLE. 777-7777 equals 49.

Lastly remember the 1970 Card to the SF CHRONICLE>  PARADICE--LIKE INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN>>

ROLL the Rice-------Like in what are the best odds in Vegas, CRAPS, BlACKJACK and BackGammon.

He is playing the house odds which is less than the player odds. HE needs a challenge.

SO REMEMBER THESE NUMBERS  7, 11, 21.  Everything adds up to to this.

Sept 16,  1968.     Starts at Chronicle   Sept is the 9 month plus 1 plus 6 equals 16 one plus 6 equal 7.

Guess what old game over start new game  1 plus 9 plus 6 plud 8 is 24.  but 2 plus 4 equals 6. Guess

what new rolls a 6 NEW GAME.

Quits SF CHRONICLE on Sept 16, 1983. You do the math and compare to above paragraph.

REMEMBER there were seven victims.  Ages from 16               to           29.  Guess what 1 plus 6 is 7.

2 plus 9 equals 11.  GET THE PICTURE.  7 counties in the bay area. Seven Bridges. And it goes on and on.

Bates murder on.  How many stabbings.  Ferrin murder, how many shots.  Etc, Etc..


Dec. 21, 2012 article.- There are clues there.

Facebook-Robert Graysmith, author San Francisco. There are 21 pictures of his office.  There are clues

count everything. Study the office pictures.  You will see his system in the office pictures.

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