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So a few months ago we did an interview with David Van Nuys, Ph.D. who was actually the co-author of "This is the Zodiac Speaking." He's the Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Sonoma State University and in the book, he basically created a psychological profile of the Zodiac Killer. He may have been my favorite expert we've had on to date.

Also on the show was Mark Potts who theorizes that the Zodiac Killer could have been Robert Hansen. While we don't agree with him, it's certainly interesting to hear what he's found!

Hope you all give it a listen. The experts start coming on the show about 30 minutes in so if you want to skip our general talk about the Zodiac and get to that point, feel free to do so.

Here's where you can listen:

On Monday, June 22nd, we talk about John Wayne Gacy! Tune in!

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