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I was doing a google search for "William Joseph Grant" (Andrew Todd Walker in Graysmith's book) and I came across what seems to be a cache of declassified FBI documents regarding the Zodiac case. A lot of it is common knowledge: police reports, photocopies of the letters and cryptograms. But some of it is incredibly in depth and offers information that I've never seen anywhere else nor info that Graysmith included in his book. Here is a link (I swear to god it's not a virus, it's a google doc, I'm not a scammer). There's 5 or 6 massive PDF files with about 50-100 pages of documents in each file. Has anyone else seen this before?

Most (if not all) of the names have been redacted. However, you can guess at who they're talking about most of the time. My main point is, while searching through these documents, I came across a report from Napa that recalled two officers going to Travis Air Force Base after the Berryessa murder to talk to them about the "Wing Walkers". According to the report, every naval and air force installment keeps a log of who buys what (every enlisted member has to sign for military gear, i.e. Wing Walkers). The FBI report said their officers were given a list of approx. 100 names of enlisted who signed for size 10-10 1/2 Wing Walkers. The FBI docs, as far as I know, don't contain that list. But consider what that might tell us.

My two favorite suspects are ALA and W.J. Grant. Both enlisted men at one point. There has to be a record of where they were stationed and if we know that, then maybe the military has records of who purchased Wing Walkers from what base at what time. Doubtful, I know. But I find it odd that the FBI report would mention the list but never mention narrowing the suspects down from that. No mention whatsoever. Might be worth further investigation...

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