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– Revisit this post. It remains invariably applicable.
New Year! Same Crap!

(My legitimate hyperlinks in bold green)

Dec. 31, 2015:

. . . and the 2015 award for most rationalizing cliché by vainglorious Zodiac Killer website autocrats and their grape-with-hint-of-bitter-almond Flavor Aid drinking sycophants:

It's always good/I am just
(glad|happy) to see a news outle
t/fringe (radio station|website) do something to keep (this case|the word) (in front of|spread to) (the public|a wider audience).

. . . and the runner up:

Most of us have one goal in mind . . . to see this case solved. . . . working (together|towards) (and sharing info, ideas, suspects|a resolution) gives us a better chance (in|of solving) the zodiac case.

Look for those chestnut platitudes to appear in the New Year and beyond, offered as lame demagogic excuses:

(1) for limelight seeking, book peddling, and fringe radio pandering;

(2) in response to citizens who question why cowardly pseudonymous bottom-feeders were encouraged to very publicly defame innocent living heirs and relatives with amateurish whole cloth allegations directed at long-deceased family members for half-century-old serial murders;

(3) from website operators who believe that they can keep their hands clean by permitting their members—administered the occasional charade of a wrist slap—to do their online (sometimes offline) bidding. These nameless, parasitic trolls needle, bully, and harass, while the webmasters hold for ransom the unfortunate citizens' good names and reputations, maintaining that innocent families must "prove everybody wrong," jump through DNA testing hoops and disprove the webmasters' presumed guilt of their kin, in order to "clear [their] name."

In the U.S. of A. that's not going to cut it. I'll speak real slow-like for you: It's called libel and extortion, people. Get yourself a better used car salesman of a prosecuting attorney, right quickly now, you hear? (Btw, it's not just the cars that are used [wink].)

At 14:59 and almost 2016, Skipper, how exactly are those Ross S. and Richard G. investigations turning out?

Freddie, I'm wearing my Zodiac leotard – let's go!

Rob's Meta-Textual Jukebox (Just push ►PLAY for musical accompaniment.)

Nov. 24, 2015:

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.*


I'oo xcoo nsy wspcxhiqg vsxxcq iq xhc wxaxc sf Msbiak oaqb.

A Wkaqbiqaziaq qyvwc bizsvkcc sq xhc Baqiwh bsoc (xhax'w qsx a ksqxiqcqxao rvcalfawx) gcxxiqg hcv osqgwhit tvsd qswc iqxs cexvaqcsyw tyroik Y.W. vcksvbw; axxcptxiqg xs iqgvaxiaxc hcvwcof xs yqvcuyixiqg paoc dcrpawxcvw (Bv. Fvcyb, tocawc.); xhcq wspchsd rcoicziqg xhiw palcw hcv xhc qcex Oiwrcxh Waoaqbcv.

Dhax'w czcq psvc biwxyvriqg iw xhax syv raxhvsrcb Rvÿqqhiobc iw sq tyroik vcksvb hcvwcof, kavvniqg a ryvqiqg kaqboc iq hcv ryxxcv ksslic hcavx fsv Wksxx Tcxcvwsq. [eek]

Msbiak kawc vcwcavkh qccbw abvsix fcpaoc iqzcwxigaxsvw, QSX cpsxisqaoon rckosybcb bcaxh vsd twnkhstaxh rvibao wxvyptcxw* (a tstyoav Haoosdccq kswxypc xhiw ncav, I'p xsob).

Get thee to a nunnery!*

[buttercookies]+  [court-trutv-logo]  + [morph]=  [munchthescream]


[So far, more than 80 words, but my overseas Danish contacts inform me it's less in translation. [wink]]

*Shakespearean content

I know what you're thinking. "Is he gonna play ABBA?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I've kinda lost track myself. But being as I've taken down names and numbers all along, you've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya punks?


Oct. 10, 2015:

Found it!! By Crook, By Nook, By Dual-Loyalty Moderators, By Unscrupulous Administrators:

The Incestuous Collusion and User-Identity Disclosure Breaches Between Zodiac Sites

DATE: ##/##/2015 at ##:## pm

FROM: A citizen
(###) ###-####
+++++++++++@+++++++. com

Just a ONE-time message of concern for Detective +++++ ++++++:

Hello, Det. ++++++, at the following link, please be advised of the online behavior of one of your civilian, Amateur Zodiac Case contacts: Mr. +++++++ +++++++ of ++:


Thank you, Detective. I sincerely appreciate the fact that you have reached out to our community. I absolutely will not initiate any further intrusions upon your time.


Sep. 2, 1969:


[bloodymary]  [pong_3]  [bloodymary] 


Aug. 3, 2015:  Photos of battered bodies in pools of blood – COLORIZED

Advancing the case... how?

SHAME. ON. YOU! – The same crime groupies blogging pious eulogies honoring victims and solemnly seeking Justice.

Does this latest self-serving exploitative click-bait console surviving families?

Moral compasses, indeed.

While you’re at it, why not employ your hipster-whiz creativity to threads about compelling discoveries... with entries that circle-jerk your own members.

Groupthink much?

P.S. Please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD– stop posing as CSI bloodstain pattern / print experts.


Jul. 2, 2015:  FACTS TIPS: Forums can enhance the community's integrity only when underlings claiming "invalidation" of solutions, or attempting persuasive graphology analysis, possess an elementary grasp of English and modicum of spelling competence. [As Crypto-Elitists would say, I don't mean to be insulting. Animosity makes me sad.] [bawl]

Mods: Set an example, attempting less than three emoticons per five-inch posting. Ditch: (1) unctuous insider innuendo, (2) faux humility & self-deprecation (IMHO!), (3) gratuitous anti-Graysmithisms, and (4) cliché terminal wink-smileys. Otherwise, your opinions resemble those of a "looser." [biggrin]


Jun. 15, 2015:  Since administrators authorize golden boy supercilious crypto-elitists to browbeat us with moralizing Nietzschean quotes, ZKDecrypt-D’oh bean-counting, profound expatiating: They can't all be right. . . . Some nontrivial twist is involved. . . , and pedantically linked logical fallacies [Is there one for lotus-posing gurus in glass "wikis"?] . . .

. . . indulge my modest proposition:

Consider an "active" FORUM. There exists an adverse relationship whereby decreasing time intervals between posts and replies (approximating CHAT ROOM-style extemporizing) correlates to member ingenuousness, research quality, and website efficacy.

Anthem of The Crypto-Elitist . . .


May 19, 2015:

Weird Goings-on at the Amateur Zodiac Chiller Theater

Do you notice Z-community schmooze-meter levels off the charts?

The next inane blog entry materializes – high on gonzo, low on substance – usual suspects and lapsed members expediently sidle to comments seeking shameless self-promotion. . . .

Great Stuff. ... Love you, man! ... Oi, matey, let me ki** some a**.

Whose marketing machine is fooling whose?

Their stale tropes are shorter than their omnipresent accordion-wallet hotlinks intended to re-direct views to rehashed no-theory sites, or Google Image-saturating banners peddling fringe radio chatter and forthcoming books.


May 4, 2015:  Beloved maxim of Zodiac forums:

You, citizens, could solve this!

However, whenever the hobby-sophists feel vulnerable to inconvenient prospective discoveries, they scramble to discredit the experts' decades-old canonical exhibits, or dismiss high-resolution specimen details as artifacts of image compression.

Forcing the question:

If they're waiting to hear L.E. tell them which way the wind blows, then why do they persist in raising noise levels to 11, cluttering the Web with many thousands of posts?

So how 'bout that new X-Files?


Apr. 9, 2015:  Riddle:

When does a researcher solve a crucial crime puzzle but irreparably obstruct Justice?


When he renounces his discovery—absent "official" authentication—enabling mass-hypnosis: pronouncing the suspect unviable, resigning himself to face-saving diversionary prattle, and rendering The Solution indefinitely forsaken.

This ain't Midget League, boys – no loser ribbons, bum pats, or DQ Dilly Bars. Can’t appraise your own work? Cease throwing sh** against public walls expecting others to tell you what sticks and where to place the sweet laurels.


Mar. 26, 2015:  I've been meaning to ask for years: What's the deal with "popular" Zodiac case forums sharing limited variations on a handful of mods? Are FBI hiring profiles restricting administrators? Requiring moderation, you consistently select from the same applicant pool – what does that say about your sites' raison d'être? We've seen the chronic results; the status quo encumbers unautocratic exchange of ideas on viable suspects, while ultimately soft-serving us uninspired flavors of topic discourse. Yo, VIP! ... Word to ya' mutha'....


Mar. 3, 2015:  Their pet theories threatened, "researchers" acknowledge more evidence against Allen by concocting Rube Goldberg schemes. . . .

Witnesses are liars, cheats, malcontents; Allen's (potentially THREE!) confessions inspired "real" Zodiac; or there was Team Zodiac; or "real" Zodiac mentioned his idea to Allen who, filching it, leaked plans to sleeper cell Zodiacs. . . .

Did shape-shifting reptilians determine Arthur's profile ideal for concealing cold-blooded objectives on earth? Batman?

Only things "stolen" are readers' brains subjected to this twaddle. That's the "really good mystery!"


Feb. 5, 2015:

assuming spokesperson status for the FBI, law enforcement, newspapers, and all universities:


championing Zodiac killer Internet message boards as quality "peer review":


offering only vague opinion to reject evidence of unadulterated semantic patterns:


dropping profanity into an academic paper on cipher solutions: Priceless

The CipherCard® is accepted submissively at most Zodiac case Web forums.
there are some things credibility can buy. for everything else there's CipherCard®.


Jan. 15, 2015:  Cipher “experts” advocate:

[A] fat-tipped felt pen . . . caused a triangle and a filled in triangle to be interchangeable . . . not . . . an integral part of the encoding.

Do experts really endorse the assertion that Zodiac sketchily applied his pen in the manner of Lake Berryessa's car door graffito while meticulously aligning the 408 cryptogram?

How to Know That “Gurus” Haven’t Viewed Quality Images of the Zodiac-408 – more proof that it’s all about circling cipher bandwagons and toeing crypto lines.


Jan. 5, 2015:  Facebook cynicism re Allen's resemblance to LB identikit:

[C]ould it be ‘cause of the wide face and it looks like possibly a toupee, that it possibly looks like ALA? I'm just wondering?

I'm just wondering if that’s worth dignifying with a response.

And Lo! Forensic social networking did come to pass in order to flaunt Photoshop skills while beholding prime suspect semblance to 80's sitcom characters!

As kids Twitter these days... So, IMHO, FWIW, IIRC, OTOH, literally, just sayin'... [eek]


Dec. 18, 2014:  Cipher elitists with clearly nothing more to offer Zodiac case research continue to subject us to their relentless grousing over straw man scenarios – contradicting themselves within eight hours of the same thread regarding the 408 cipher's "difficulty" level!

Consumed with how much credit for personal ingenuity and adroitness to accord Donald Gene & Bettye June Harden for solving the 408, these envious, frustrated cipher "gurus" need heed The Egg of Columbus, stop gassing, and, well... just suck on a cracked egg. [biggrin]


Dec. 16, 2014:  Another forum considers motive behind the letters – if hoaxes. Predictably, posters expend prolix and witty repartee at the expense of reason. One postulate discrediting Lake Berryessa’s perp is the assertion that "real" Zodiac would assuredly exploit media terror between LB and SF.

You think (part-time) employed Zodiac wasn't preoccupied from Sep. 28 to Oct. 11, 1969 with a campaign to kill a cabbie; and until Nov. 8 with finalizing a sedulously assembled cipher—340 meaningless symbols, purchased pre-printed from Woolworth's? [wink]
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