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Tables 7, 8, and 9 present Zodiac killer phonologic specimens that I do not intend as exclusive proof for identifying the perpetrator. I do not make the categorical claim that the Zodiac imparts a conscious or sub-conscious revelation with each utterance of \lē\ and \lā\. The conclusions from my other research—some uploaded as Web presentations—I arrived at independent of this subject linguistic data. With an objective for completeness, I have included all occurrences of \lē\ and \lā\ in the Zodiac’s articulations across all written and spoken communication. The only exceptions include correctly spelled locale names: Lake Berryessa, Lake Tahoe, Vallejo, and proper nouns in envelope addresses: Daily Enterprise and Los Angeles.

The skeptics are free to ignore the single entry from my own 340 decipherment: Table 8 (7). The fact remains, however, that the Zodiac, when writing the Dripping Pen greeting card and the Melvin Belli letter, uses language that presents himself at his most emotively self-reflective. If the Table 8 entries for “lonely” (twice) in the brief Dripping Pen card [enclosing the 340 cipher] or repetitive entries for “please help me” (thrice) in the single page Belli letter do not seem curious enough to the skeptics, then they can concentrate on the many diverse and interesting specimens in Tables 7 & 9.

Table 9 includes all articulations of \lē\ and \lā\ that are free of spelling errors and not included in Table 8. A few of these specimens derive from the Zodiac directly quoting The Mikado libretto (52-55) and Badlands blurb (59)—specimens therefore less likely to share the potential significance of utterances originating from the Zodiac and/or presenting his own misspellings. No instances of \lē\ or \lā\ are reported in the Zodiac’s telephonic transcriptions per Vallejo PD switchboard operator, Nancy Slover* and Napa PD dispatcher, officer David Slaight.

I do believe that the data from all three tables – evaluated in aggregate – lend further credence to my research conclusions that Arthur Leigh (Lee) Allen is the Zodiac Killer.

The cynics will be quick to remonstrate that most English adverbs and many adjectives end in -ly, and therefore the phonological analysis cannot be of consequence. On the contrary, with the Zodiac Killer case we have a serial killer unlike any other with respect to the scope of communication that he directed at victims, law enforcement, the media and public. Consider Table 7 and the copious amount of misspelled words ending in -ly. The Zodiac did not just write – he wrote many words. He did not just use words ending in -ly – he chose to use many of them; and he misspelled many of them, likely intentionally.

I am uploading the tables at this time because I may reference them further at some future date. As with all of my work: These images are not to be embedded on any site outside of ZodiacKillerTRUTH. If this website were somehow unavailable for hyper-linking, then a clickable link via the Photobucket image path should be provided, accompanied with citation.

— Robert Peter Ackerman

* The phoneme sequence in the words, “mile east” is a possibility, but likely inadvertent; and Ms. Slover never, to my knowledge, suggested that the Zodiac pronounced any unusual stress in the word, “millimeter.”


Almost a decade after the oil refinery questioning, I finally located the “Vallejo cop” who had questioned Allen so early in the case. Detective Sergeant John Lynch talked to me at his home on Carolina Street in Vallejo. . . . I had just mentioned Allen. “Oh,” he said, “Lay Allen.” He pronounced “Leigh” as “Lay.” I realized because of the different spellings Lynch thought that “Leigh” and “Lee” were two different suspects in the case. [p. 44]

— Graysmith, Robert. Zodiac Unmasked. New York: Berkley, 2002.
(Page ref. to movie  tie-in paperback ed., New York: Berkley, 2007; bold emphasis added.)

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