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Crocodiles... ALAgators... and psychopaths...

For your own perusal & testing: David Oranchak's "Zodiac Webtoy" Open challenge to anyone: If you think I must be wrong then you post Webtoy plaintext results that can beat mine. Yes, the homophonic 340, at some point was also enciphered in at least three sections. The FBI has my entire solution. Of course, I still have plenty of goodies if they ever want to chat with me... [wave]

Yours truly,

— Robert Peter Ackerman

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If anyone ever does offer Zodiac cipher plaintext that can follow a solution key to the extent that mine can – while at the same time producing as many complete, coherent words as do my plaintext results, including character repetition patterns (see rows 18-20) when entering the Solution Key into a simple substitution tool like Webtoy – then that plaintext should be further examined for its ability to equal or surpass the results of my following discoveries:

I started with the same pragmatic point of entry used successfully by Donald Gene and Bettye June Harden on the 408 cipher when deciphering double symbols into plaintext "LL."

Therefore, I concentrated on regions of ciphertext where Zodiac had likely used his favored words: “KILL,” “KILLER,” “KILLING,” etc. or directives as in the simple future predicate: “I WILL do this;” “You WILL do that.”

The plaintext letter "W" registers a lower mid-range value (16 out of 26) in the cryptographers' Frequency Alphabet for English language. Employing a methodical, HUMAN brute-force linguistic approach, I did not concentrate my efforts on identifying occurrences of "W," but then apparently, neither did the Zodiac in the course of his crude revisions. Evidently, he set about obfuscating his original 340 draft by suppressing letter frequencies (as he had in the 408), but also by disrupting some telltale sequential symbol substitution patterns... some, but not all...


NOTE: The green dashed boxes indicate symbols within Section II. (Shoehorn).

NOTE: Diagramming in the following Figures (1 & 2) serves as a highlighting aid only to delineate what I believe are non-random patterns, which betray the eye-hand-pen movements as Zodiac heavily drafted and revised his ciphertext while it lay in the 17 x 20 grid form. The plaintext color-code counts, bracketed along the diagrams' edges, are to be used as an easy totals reference across columns and rows.



NOTE: The color highlighting in the following Linguistical Analyses is independent of my 340 cipher Color-Code Key.

Furthermore, any other 340-Symbol cipher plaintext challenge should be examined to see if its solution key can produce coherent plaintext results when additionally applied to Zodiac's 13-Symbol cipher:

Recall that Zodiac had stated:

In this cipher is my idenity. [sic]

(Murderer’s first letter mailed to SF Chronicle: 7/31/1969; p. 2 enclosed with Part 3 of the 408)

and then...


(408 plaintext, Part 3 mailed to SF Chronicle: 7/31/1969; lines 2-3)

I submit to you that Zodiac originally not only intended to reveal his name in the last line of the 408 cipher, but planned to encipher the EXACT SAME line that he would – just over two months later – encode more securely (homophonically) in the 340.

As deciphered by the Hardens, about two-thirds of the lines in the 408 contain at least one plaintext "L." The last section of the 408 contains an "L" on each line except for the last. But this should be no surprise since Zodiac Killer, Arthur Leigh Allen resolved to entirely remove the symbols standing for the most sensitive plaintext letter: "L" for Lee and Leigh – effectively, any trace of his name from the earlier draft.

In the meantime, I'll be checking in here or elsewhere [wink] to read:

1. Why this absolutely cannot be the solution (please show scientific/statistical reasoning as opposed to emotional responses; thank you).

2. If you don't believe it is the answer, then what other solution-to-date holds up better? (Please give reasoning; see #1.)

3. With consideration given to #1. & #2.: are you of the opinion that the FBI (or other L.E.) should at least provide a public determination (with reasoning; see #1.) as to why this is not the solution that they have been in possession of since May 5, 2008? And last but certainly not least, since it appears that we've come full-circle:

4. If you believe that I must be mistaken and you wish to prove that I am ...

... then you post results including plaintext pattern analyses that can beat mine.

P.S. I do have additional research results (to be made public – and/or provided to the authorities [wave] – at a later date, as needed), which further corroborate my color-coding, deciphering, and overall Zodiac case solution. I thank you for your time. [smile]

— Robert Peter Ackerman

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RPA Solution via Occam's Razor

While we continue to await artificial intelligence to divulge the Zodiac 340 cipher solution, I'd like for you to join me on a brief, painless trip down Occam's Razor. Please open an additional browser window to David Oranchak's "Zodiac Webtoy" so that you can perform each of the following steps while switching between screens.

Is the following algorithm how I solved the 340?

No. My methodical, HUMAN brute-force linguistic decipherment took three weeks of eight hours each day, but, as with many tortuous puzzles – once solved – there exist shortcuts to illumination...

1) Enter a plaintext "L" for all doubled symbols.

2) Enter an "E" for all centered dots including solitary dots and any shape with a centered dot.


3) Observe [FIGURE A.] at these early steps: the result on rows three to four of a possible word "KILLER" spanning symbols 51 to 56; Complete this word.

4) Since we have now entered "KILLER" on row four, complete the word "LILLING" [sic] on the same row, spanning symbols 62 to 68.


5) Observe [FIGURE B.] that allowing the obvious homophonic toggle from "L" to "K" for symbol spells "KILLING" on row four and "LIKE" on row ten.

6) Make reasonable assumption that Zodiac began his message with personal pronoun, "I" followed by (simple future) auxiliary verb: "WILL" to express an authoritative decree (arrogance/egomania); Complete these words.

<<==Inference steps (6) and (7) may be completed in reverse order==>>

7) Make reasonable assumption that between words "KILLER" and "KILLING" exists the defining relative clause (with subjective case pronoun): "WHO IS"; Complete these words.


8) Observe [FIGURE C.] that following these two assumptions (while adhering to Occam's Razor) results in the word "WRITE" as the likely candidate for the first main verb of the 340 plaintext; Complete this word.


9) Observe [FIGURE D.]

10) Make reasonable assumption that if Zodiac states: "I WILL WRITE . . ." then the very next word is the demonstrative singular pronoun, "THIS" in order that he explicitly reference his present instrument of communication (i.e., the 340 cipher); Complete this word.


11) Observe [FIGURE E.] that following this last assumption results in a new value augmenting the double "L" plaintext outcome from STEP 1. Specifically, a new "I" at the end of row 17 aligns itself with the double "L" beginning row 18 (which will eventually decipher into a second and final instance of "KILLING" spanning symbols 288 to 294). Consider probability for chance when comparing this to earlier results from STEPS 3 - 4. Additionally, observe the nascent evolution of the repeated word "TIES" beginning symbols 256 and 307.

12) Now take a good look at row one, then row four, and finally the last row—the line on which Zodiac had likely premeditated placing his signature in the original 408 cipher...


PEEK-A-BOO! [wave]

— Robert Peter Ackerman

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We haven't seen any recent solutions or ideas that have generated a second look as of yet. If you can point us in the right direction we'll be all over it. FYI, if we ever do see a good partial or full solution we will forward it with our endorsement to the cold case squad at SFPD, but we will give credit to where credit is due.

— Dan Olson, FBI's cryptography expert (Nov. 9, 2009 e-mail to the webmaster of Zodiackiller . com)


Haven't seen ANY recent solutions OR ideas that have generated a SECOND LOOK as of YET?

Somebody get on the horn to J. Edgar! The boys in the lab need some new spy glasses!

— Robert Peter Ackerman


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Some in the Zodiac case community have started online topics around clever frequency spreadsheets to ponder the process behind Zodiac's drawing of empty, dotted, and filled triangles in the 408 cipher. These investigators interrupt their omphaloskepsis by donning Matrix shades (with all those ones & zeros streaming up) then scratch their collective heads over what meaning Zodiac intended for thus patterning his symbol homophones. The same posters (Astonishingly!) note that some symbols with similar features tend to share similar plaintext values! Whatever significance could the empty, dotted or filled shapes portend? What elaborate mathematical strings did proceed marionette-like from Zodiac's fingertips?

Well, DUH! The Zodiac was a psychopath. He wasn't playing by our rules. Before he mailed his 408 and 340 ciphers, he drew shapes around dots and/or entirely filled in some shapes. In the 340, HE EVEN ALTERED SHAPES THAT HE HAD ALREADY DRAWN!

(See my deciphered 340 values for solitary dots and values for circles and triangles with centered dots?)

As inconceivable as this may be to members on some sites where offending the webmaster's dogma must be avoided at all costs, Zodiac's intent WAS NOT to develop a fair and friendly parlor game to be solved by graduates of Cryptology 101.

Does this necessarily mean there is no chance of rolling back the obfuscating edits to expose the original plaintext? No. Not if you've been following my research findings.

For those who choose not to ignore my work, but wish to challenge it – my challenge remains open... Now put that in your Matrix software.

— Robert Peter Ackerman


The application of creative intelligence to a problem, the finding of a solution at once dogged, elegant, and wild, this had always seemed to him to be the essential business of human beings—the discovery of sense and causality amid the false leads, the noise, the trackless brambles of life. And yet he had always been haunted—had he not?—by the knowledge that there were men, lunatic cryptographers, mad detectives, who squandered their brilliance and sanity in decoding and interpreting the messages in cloud formations, in the letters of the Bible recombined, in the spots on butterflies’ wings. One might, perhaps, conclude from the existence of such men that meaning dwelled solely in the mind of the analyst. That it was the insoluble problems—the false leads and the cold cases—that reflected the true nature of things. That all the apparent significance and pattern had no more intrinsic sense than the chatter of an African gray parrot. One might so conclude; really, he thought, one might.

— Michael Chabon (The Final Solution)

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Can you see what I see? You did the substitution steps with me – NO sleight of hand here.

By STEP 12 [FIGURE E.] we have 48.24 % of all plaintext revealed on the basis of SIMPLE substitution. We can read a declarative main clause on row one. We can read a phrase running the length of row four with two instances of the root, "KILL"—arguably Zodiac’s favored action word judging by its repetition in the original 408 plaintext, and recurrence throughout the history of his written and telephonic correspondence. These rows account for three locations where the Zodiac employs his double "L." (A total of eight exist in the cipher.)

I have boxed four of the five as-yet-to-be-completed words with double "L" [FIGURE F.] – ignoring just one anomaly (see "WELL" from row 10 of my complete Solution) which, incidentally, resides in the Shoehorn (Section II.), is not composed of double symbols, and contains a Blue code "L." Finally, I have boxed the two regions in the last row (per my complete Solution) that contain a single "L." At each of these six locations, observe: (1) the plaintext that is filled; (2) the ciphertext that remains unfilled; (3) how these incomplete regions compare to the final text of the RPA Solution.

Consider that at this stage of SIMPLE substitution, nearly HALF of the 340 cipher is filled-in AND YET all plaintext letters, rather than encroaching upon these boxed areas, manage to frame them! (Should we put on our Matrix specs so as not to see this?)

How on earth may anyone justifiably accuse us of forcing these resultant patterns?

It's as if these symbol chains were consciously grouped to await contemporaneous substitution—as if "L" and "LL" occurrences share traces of a cohesive, synchronous enciphering phase that survives despite the ham-fisted, sloppy edits that were to come from the Zodiac.

All but four of the Zodiac's 25 plaintext "L"s belong to the base cipher (rendered in Pink code); the four orphans are a subset of Blue code – so just where and in what manner are these exceptions to be found? ...


Yet more points of evidence in the RPA Solution OR extreme coincidences?

The silence from the cipher "gurus" is deafening, a revelation that just may disquiet all pretty butterflies 'neath the gathering storm clouds....

— Robert Peter Ackerman


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Glossary of Terms (Hyperlinks)

transposition (cipher)

homophonic substitution (cipher)

sequential (substitution cycles)

polyalphabetic (cipher)

recursion (linguistics)

The Zodiac's 13-Symbol cipher

RPA Solution Evidence (Hyperlinks)

RPA Solution: 340-Symbol cipher (Shoehorn within green dashes)

RPA Solution Blue code: [FIGURE 1.] and [FIGURE 1.1]

RPA Symbol Solution Key: TABLE 2. BImage_1, Image_2, Image_3

RPA Solution: 13-Symbol cipher


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I was seeing, our theories are completed, from what I saw as I was suspicious the Z340 has been solved long ago.
Strange world[frown]

my theory

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