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PRESENTATION: Zodiac Halloween Card Mystery Symbol - Decoded Z-Evidence Halloween Card - October 27, 1970 358 1
by /Yellowstone/
some of my ideas about wich clues, the zodiac gave, through his behavior then, yes. /Yellowstone/ Sexual Nature of the Zodiac 5 0
by /Yellowstone/
Chris Barber & Linda Bosteder hide1977 Chris Barber & Linda Bosteder 33 0
by hide1977
SUSPECT Richard Hoffman new evidence Ifoundhim General Discussion 2,910 3
by ZResearch
Robert Peter Ackerman Plaintext Solution Chris Dripping Pen/340 Cipher - November 8, 1969 2,350 3
by Z-Evidence
Zodiac Killer "Peek through the pines" Postcard Analysis Z-Evidence Donna Lass 158 0
by Z-Evidence
Studebaker - A LOOK-ALIKE - How about a 1952 Kaiser? Z-Evidence Cheri Jo Bates 1,855 4
by Z-Evidence
I know who, and can prove it. franklyfrank Members - Read Here Before Posting! 121 0
by franklyfrank
Mystery Vehicle – 57 Inch (Approx.) Wheel Track and 5.5 Inch Tire Width – How about a 1952 Kaiser? Z-Evidence Bryan Hartnell & Cecelia Shepard 1,089 2
by Z-Evidence
ALAgator Tears Z-Evidence Dripping Pen/340 Cipher - November 8, 1969 7,985 7
by marcelo
Zodiac’s Halloween Card Mystery Symbol – Decoded Analysis, Theory & Presentation By Robert Peter Ackerman Chris Halloween Card - October 27, 1970 5,073 3
by marcelo
Zodiac and Robert Salem connection Zodiac Killer Cypher Robert Salem 217 0
by Zodiac Killer Cypher
Zodiac 408 Letter and connection to San Fransisco Oracle of the Spiritual Revolution Zodiac Killer Cypher San Francisco Underground 131 0
by Zodiac Killer Cypher
Zodiac 340 Letter Zodiac Killer Cypher General Discussion 226 0
by Zodiac Killer Cypher
najlepsze pożyczki okyxu Confession Letter November 29, 1966 112 0
by okyxu
Dependence of Companies on Automation Proposal Martineza Technology 156 0
by Martineza
Interview: David Van Nuys, co-author of This is the Zodiac Speaking TravNVic General Discussion 223 0
by TravNVic
David Kahn's The Codebreakers - More Links to The Zodiac Killer Z-Evidence General Discussion 300 0
by Z-Evidence
PRESENTATION: Zodiac Exorcist Letter - Glyphs Puzzle Solution Z-Evidence Exorcist Letter - January 29, 1974 278 0
by Z-Evidence
Joseph DeLouise
1 2 3
Chris Psychic & Paranormal 7,027 30
by Zamantha
AROUND the ZODIAC KILLER WEB in 80 WORDS or LESS (Ever-Applicable Posting: New Year! Same Crap!) Z-Evidence General Discussion 1,465 0
by Z-Evidence
The Zodiac Case Solution - TWELVE MORE VICTIMS Z-Evidence General Discussion 601 1
by Z-Evidence
Suggest a Topic Chris Forum Topic Suggestions 2,147 6
by Z-Evidence
An Examination of The Zodiac's Articulations - Are His Hints Hooked on Phonics? Z-Evidence Forensic Linguistics 1,064 0
by Z-Evidence
Paul Avery's S.F. Articles - Chronological tahoe27 Paul Avery 563 0
by tahoe27

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