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Site News & Announcements 4 2 Justice for Jaime Guerrero
by tracers
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12 7 I know who, and can prove it.
by franklyfrank
Moderators 1 1 Moderators
by Chris
Posting Tips and Tools 9 4 Dates on Posts in 2013
by Z-Evidence
Forum Topic Suggestions
Here you can recommend a a new Forum topic. If you feel a new category is needed, suggest it here. I'll be glad to help.
7 1 Suggest a Topic
by Z-Evidence
General Discussion
General Discussion of the Zodiac Killer Case
42 14 SUSPECT Richard Hoffman new evidence
by ZResearch
The Investigators
Zodiac Investigators
4 3 Dave Toschi (and Maupin's Account of the Zodiac Letters)
by Chris
Calls from the Zodiac (Or Not)
Unconfirmed and obscure calls from people claiming to be the Zodiac.
7 2 Placerville $1 Million Extortion Call
by /Yellowstone/
Regarding Melvin Belli
Posts about the famous attorney and his connections to the Zodiac case.
4 3 Belli, "My Life on Trial" – Dec. 18, 1969 "Zodiac" Call
by Z-Evidence
Psychic & Paranormal
Discussion of psychic readings and analysis. Validity, results, usefulness, etc. For example, TV psychics who have weighed in on the case. Joseph DeLouise's reading, etc.
32 2 Joseph DeLouise
by Zamantha
San Francisco Underground
Discussion of the underground movement and the Zodiac. Was the Zodiac part of or influenced by underground groups?
2 2 Zodiac 408 Letter and connection to San Fransisco Oracle of the Spiritual Revolution
by Zodiac Killer Cypher
Paul Avery 2 2 Paul Avery's S.F. Articles - Chronological
by tahoe27
Zodiac-Era Photos
By request: A thread for members to share old photos of the Bay area and locations associated with the Zodiac case.
3 1 Old Pictures of Vallejo
by Chris
     Confirmed Victims
General Discussion
General Discussion of all confirmed Zodiac attacks.
1 1 A theory based on the definite Zodiak Killer Attack Dates.
by Ravila
Darlene Ferrin & Mike Mageau
Michael Renault Mageau, 19, and Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin, 22: Shot on July 4, 1969, at the Blue Rock Springs Golf Course parking lot on the outskirts of Vallejo; Ferrin was DOA at Kaiser Foundation Hospital, while Mageau survived.
5 1 George William Waters
by Quicktrader
David Faraday & Betty Lou Jensen
David Arthur Faraday, 17, and Betty Lou Jensen, 16: Shot and killed on December 20, 1968, on Lake Herman Road just within the city limits of Benicia.
5 1 David Faraday & Betty Lou Jensen
by tahoe27
Bryan Hartnell & Cecelia Shepard
Bryan Calvin Hartnell, 20, and Cecelia Ann Shepard, 22: Stabbed on September 27, 1969 at Lake Berryessa in Napa County. Hartnell survived six stab wounds to the back, but Shepard died of her injuries two days later.
22 4 Mystery Vehicle – 57 Inch (Approx.) Wheel Track and 5.5 Inch Tire Width – How about a 1952 Kaiser?
by Z-Evidence
Paul Lee Stine
Paul Stine Paul Lee Stine, 29: Shot and killed on October 11, 1969, in Presidio Heights in San Francisco.
by tahoe27
     Unconfirmed Victims
Cheri Jo Bates
Cheri Jo Bates, 18: Stabbed to death and nearly decapitated on October 30, 1966, at Riverside Community College in Riverside. Bates' possible connection to the Zodiac only came to light four years after her murder when San Francisco Chronicle reporter Paul Avery received a tip regarding similarities between the Zodiac killings and the circumstances surrounding Bates' death.
7 2 Studebaker - A LOOK-ALIKE - How about a 1952 Kaiser?
by Z-Evidence
Robert Domingos & Linda Edwards
Robert Domingos, 18, and Linda Edwards, 17: Shot and killed on June 4, 1963, at a beach near Lompoc. Edwards and Domingos were named as possible Zodiac victims because of specific similarities between their attack and the Zodiac's attack at Lake Berryessa six years later
0 0 No posts
Kathleen Johns
Kathleen Johns, 22: Abducted on March 22, 1970, on Highway 132 by I-580, west of Modesto. Johns escaped from the car of a man who drove her and her infant daughter around on the back roads between Stockton and Patterson for some three hours. After escaping to the police station in Patterson, she saw the Zodiac's wanted poster and identified him as her kidnapper. The car she was picked up in, a white Chevy Impala, was also reported by surviving victims as being nearby at other Zodiac attack sites.
0 0 No posts
Donna Lass
Donna Lass, 25: Last seen September 6, 1970, in South Lake Tahoe. A postcard with an ad from Forest Pines condominiums (near Incline Village at Lake Tahoe) pasted on the back was received at the Chronicle on March 22, 1971, and has been interpreted by some as the Zodiac claiming Lass' disappearance as a victim. However, no evidence has ever been uncovered to connect Donna Lass' disappearance with the Zodiac Killer.
4 2 Zodiac Killer "Peek through the pines" Postcard Analysis
by Z-Evidence
Richard Radetich 2 1 News Articles
by Zobsessed
     Possible Victims
General Discussion
You can suggest possible victims in this thread. Separate forum topics will be created as needed.
4 3 Middle Distributor Wire
by wesboulevard
Chris Barber & Linda Bosteder 1 1 Chris Barber & Linda Bosteder
by hide1977
Nancy Ann Capen
Nancy Ann Capen was 22-year-old waitress who was stabbed to death in Corona, CA on November 6, 1972.
1 1 Excerpt: Riverside Press-Enterprise - February 15, 1998
by Chris
Donna Marie Frislie 0 0 No posts
Gladys Gresham 16 3 Vallejo Times Herald Articles
by tahoe27
Shelly Homboe - October 19, 1969
Was two-year-old Shelly Holmboe the victims of wild dogs, or the Zodiac?
3 2 News Article: Dogs thought to be killer of baby girl
by tahoe27
Charles Jarman 0 0 No posts
Arlis Perry 1 1 Other Stanford Murders
by Seagull
George Pimental 11 1 George Pimental/ Vallejo
by tahoe27
Robert Salem 1 1 Zodiac and Robert Salem connection
by Zodiac Killer Cypher
Johnny & Joyce Swindle 0 0 No posts
Daniel Williams
Poison attack.
1 1 Daniel Williams
by Chris
     The Evidence
Forensic Evidence
General Discussion of the Forensic Evidence
0 0 No posts
Handwriting Analysis
The handwriting analysis of the letters and other documents and writings in the Zodiac case. Examiners include Sherwood Morrill, Terrence Pascoe, Robert Prouty, John Shimoda, Keith Woodward, etc.
3 2 Zodiac Letters were a hoax
by Thomas Horan
Fingerprint Evidence
Discussion of the fingerprint evidence. Sources, matching, examination, etc.
0 0 No posts
DNA Evidence
Discussion of the DNA evidence: validity, availability, sources, etc.
4 1 Broken Change of Custody and DNA
by Chris
Forensic Linguistics 1 1 An Examination of The Zodiac's Articulations - Are His Hints Hooked on Phonics?
by Z-Evidence
Arthur Leigh Allen 0 0 No posts
Edward Wayne Edwards 0 0 No posts
Richard Joseph Gaikowski 0 0 No posts
Ted Kaczynski 1 1 1990 Christmas Card
by username
Bruce Davis 0 0 No posts
Lawrence Kane 0 0 No posts
Joseph Newton Chandler - The Ohio John Doe 0 0 No posts
San Bernardino Zodiac Geek 0 0 No posts
Jack Tarrance
Jack Tarrance, Dennis Kaufman, and all persons and topics related will not be discussed on this message board. You can discuss any and all related topics at the following address:
1 1 Jack Tarrance
by Chris
Rick Marshall 0 0 No posts
"Andy Walker"
William Joseph Grant
0 0 No posts
William Mentzer
Mentzer denied that he was the Zodiac. He said he met the Zodiac Killer while they both served time at the California Correctional Institution in Tehachapi.
0 0 No posts
Gareth Penn 0 0 No posts
Michael O'Hare
Gareth Penn's suspect
0 0 No posts
Philip Arthur Thompson 0 0 No posts
Fred Manalli 5 2 Manalli Background
by Seagull
George Hodel 0 0 No posts
Mike Rodelli's Mr. X
Do not name this person or ask the name of this person.
0 0 No posts
Mike Kelleher's Suspect 0 0 No posts
Robert Tarbox's Suspect 0 0 No posts
Jack Beeman 0 0 No posts
     Zodiac Confessors
Unidentified San Mateo Man
An unidentified San Mateo man called a telephone operator and said that he was the Zodiac killer. The caller's words were: "I'm the Zodiac. You're next on my list, Operator. The operator kept the line open and the call was traced. A police officer was dispatched to the caller's home and was met at the door by a man wielding a .22 caliber rifle. The man invited the officer inside and hung the gun on a rack. The man explained that he had been asleep. After being questioned, the man admitted making the call, but said he had "only been joking." The investigating officer said he would refer the police report to the district attorney to determine if charges were to be filed.
0 0 No posts
David Martin
According to the Long Beach Independent Press-Telegram, a man claiming to be the "Zodiac" slayer who has bragged of seven murders was shot to death by a policeman November 21, 1969. He had threatened to cut his own daughter's throat. At the time, authorities said that they doubted 32 year-old David O. Martin was the man responsible for a series of fatal shootings and knife attacks in the San Francisco Bay Area during the past 11 months. Police said he did not resemble the Zodiac composite. "We can't discount it at this time," a police spokesman said. "We'll launch a thorough investigation.
1 1 Paul Avery - S.F. Chronicle Article 11-22-69
by tahoe27
Eric Weil 2 1 Weil at Dylan Interview
by tracers
     Zodiac Letter and Ciphers
Confession Letter November 29, 1966
An unsigned confession to the Cheri Jo Bates murder. Not a definite Zodiac letter, although Zodiac claimed responsibility for Cheri Jo Bates murder. Sent to the Riverside Police Department.
3 2 najlepsze pożyczki
by okyxu
Riverside Desktop Poem December 1966 or earlier 0 0 No posts
Bates Had To Die - April 30, 1967
Sent to Riverside Press Enterprise after the murder of Cheri Jo Bates. Envelope
3 1 Hoax?
by Thomas Horan
Patricia Hautz Letter November 1, 1967
Sent to Riverside Press
0 0 No posts
This is the murderer - July 31, 1969
Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. Other handwritten copies were sent to the Vallejo Times Record and San Francisco Examiner. Sent with a copy of the 408 cipher. (See next forum topic)
0 0 No posts
3-Part Cipher July 31, 1969 (408 cipher)
Sent to the Vallejo Times Record. Another part was sent to the San Francisco Examiner and another to the San Francisco Chronicle.
by 1Williams
This is the Zodiac speaking -August 4, 1969
The first letter to use the name Zodiac. Sent to San Francisco Examiner. Describes the attack at Blue Rock Springs. Describes "electric gun sight."
0 0 No posts
School children make nice targets - October 13, 1969
Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. Claims responsibility for Paul Stine's murder. Threatens to kill children.
1 1 Chronicle Oct. 12, 1969
by tahoe27
Dripping Pen/340 Cipher - November 8, 1969
A card was sent to the San Francisco Chronicle containing the infamous (and unsolved) 340 cipher. The card contained an image of a pen dripping ink.
18 5 Robert Peter Ackerman Plaintext Solution
by Z-Evidence
Bus Bomb - November 9, 1969
Sent to San Francisco Chronicle.
0 0 No posts
The will be a cop - December 7, 1969
The will be a cop Date: December 7, 1969 Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. Postmarked Fairfield, CA. Includes a cipher.
0 0 No posts
The bleeding knife of the Zodiac - December 16, 1969
Sent to San Francisco Examiner.
0 0 No posts
Happy Christmass - December 20, 1969
Sent to Melvin Belli, San Francisco Attorney.
0 0 No posts
My name is - April 20, 1970
Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. Code remains unsolved.
4 1 My name is - solved
by krayo
When I have my blast - April 28, 1970
When I have my blast Date: April 28, 1970 Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. Threatens to blow up a bus unless people wear "nice buttons."
0 0 No posts
I shot a man sitting in a parked car. - June 26, 1970
I shot a man sitting in a parked car. Date: June 26, 1970Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. Claims responsibility for an unidentified shooting.
0 0 No posts
woeman + her baby Date: July 24, 1970
Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. Claims to be have abducted Kathleen Johns
0 0 No posts
Torture Letter - July 26, 1970
Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. Quotes and misquotes Gilbert and Sullivans' the Mikado.
2 1 Mikado/Groucho Marx Version
by Chris
The Pace Isn't Any Slower - October 5, 1970
Contained words and letters from various magazines and newspapers. Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. Claims 13 victims.
0 0 No posts
The Zodiac is going to - October 17, 1970
(Reference from FBI files.)
0 0 No posts
Halloween Card - October 27, 1970
Contains strange zig-zag and dots symbol. Claims 14 victims.
9 3 PRESENTATION: Zodiac Halloween Card Mystery Symbol - Decoded
by /Yellowstone/
I am crackproof - March 13, 1971
Pleasanton postmark. Sent to Los Angeles Times. Claims 17 victims.
0 0 No posts
Peek through the Pines - March 22, 1971
Peek through the Pines postcard received at San Francisco Chronicle on March 22, 1971
0 0 No posts
Exorcist Letter - January 29, 1974
Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. Contains another strange doodle. Claims 37 victims.
3 2 PRESENTATION: Zodiac Exorcist Letter - Glyphs Puzzle Solution
by Z-Evidence
Badlands - May 8, 1974 0 0 No posts
I am back with you. - April 24, 1978
Sent to the San Francisco Chronicle
0 0 No posts
Red Phantom - July 8, 1974 2 1 Red Phantom & Count Marco - 1962?
by tahoe27
I am in control of all things. - July 19, 1978
Sent to San Francisco Chronicle
3 1 Maupin's Account of Toschi and the July 19, 1978 Letter
by zodiacevidencerevealed
Tell Herb Caen - October 29, 1987 0 0 No posts
Sexual Nature of the Zodiac 3 2 some of my ideas about wich clues, the zodiac gave, through his behavior then, yes.
by /Yellowstone/
     Resources and Media
Online Resources
Online Resources for those researching the Zodiac Case. Discussion related to resources.
15 4 S.F. Chronicle Articles - Chronological Order
by Chris
Books pertaining to the Zodiac Killer case.
6 3 New Novel, Fresh Line of Inquiry
by Covino
Movies and Television
Motion pictures and television programs related to the Zodiac killer Case
1 1 New song and video about Zodiac case history
by KeithMoss
Online Media
Discussion of Movies, Videos, and clips that have been published primarily online.
2 1 Video Footage - KPIX, October 22nd 1969
by tahoe27
     Non-Zodiac Topics
Non-Zodiac Crimes
Discussion of other crimes unrelated to the Zodiac.
1 1 Phuong Le
by Zamantha
Discussion unrelated to the Zodiac case or crime.
11 2 They say it's your Birthday.*
by Zamantha
Sports 0 0 No posts
Music 1 1 New song and videos about the Zodiac case history
by KeithMoss
Just for Geeks.
5 2 Dependence of Companies on Automation Proposal
by Martineza
     Newcomers to the Zodiac Case
Do you have questions?
Welcome to the Zodiac case. If you've just heard about the Zodiac, your curiosity probably has you wanting to learn more. First, check out the following website: http// Much more can be found at If you still have questions, ask them here. We'll be glad to help you. Just ask. That is what this section is for.
2 2 zodiac letters
by rws2012ss

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